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Horse training, Colt starting & ARtwork

Empowering horse owners to develop intuitive relationships with their horses.

I love working with horses and their owners to develop more intuitive partnerships. My goal is to improve your horse’s and your understanding of one another in a way that builds softness, balance, and connection from the ground up through the principles of natural horsemanship.

Happy Clients & horses

“We hired Victoria to start our two year old as I didn’t have that experience to do it. 60 days and 10 rides under his belt, he was ready for me to continue the foundation she laid.” – Kayla B. 

“The difference between Victoria and other natural horsemen is that she has true feel, and if you let her, she can teach it to you and your horse.” – Carla C. 

“After two near-death riding accidents, my confidence was shattered when it came to being on a horse. But I had to overcome that fear. So I bought a horse, found Victoria, and worked alongside her to learn to speak to my horse and work with her in ways we both understood each other. Five months later, my horse is my partner on the ground. And about ready to get on her and continue to build our  the love that developed between her and me.” – Macala Wright

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My goal is to help a horse and rider achieve understanding, softness, and balance in their relationship. Utilizing natural horsemanship and modern training techniques, you and your horse can have a relationship that doesn’t involve spoken words.

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Natural Horsemanship

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Striving for softness, balance and understanding in Horsemanship

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